TTL mod to analog modulation

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TTL mod to analog modulation

Beitragvon zysiu » Di 29 Nov, 2005 9:58 pm

sorry I don't speak German.
I have a small question: Is it possible to change TTL modulation on DPSS 532nm to Analog modulation without using AOM?
If this is workable could You give me some advice ?

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Re: TTL mod to analog modulation

Beitragvon nordlicht » Mi 30 Nov, 2005 12:21 pm


It is possible to modify the driver of your laser. Please show us your laser by posting a photo or give us an information about the model and type. For several models it is very easy to change to analog modulation, you can upgrade the driver. And some freaks have developed their own diode drivers, maybe it is possible to use these drivers. But we need to know more about your laser.

Greets from Hamburg

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Beitragvon zysiu » Mi 30 Nov, 2005 8:31 pm

Hello Michael and Others freaks

My laser is made in China :( and I don't know the model. It is from disassembled very cheap disco laser scanner. The Power is quite good, about 60-70mW. I redraw circuit of power supply from PCB. You can see it below: Two others pictures are view of PCB.
As you can see the Laser Blanking is made on Q4 transistor. I think the Analog Blanking could be made on U4, because VR1 regulate current for laser diode.
Maybe someone has any idea? Or ready-made circuit because I don't have to use oryginal supply.

Best regards,
Peter from Poland
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Re: TTL mod to analog modulation

Beitragvon housedeejay » So 23 Mai, 2010 10:22 am

Hello Zysiu.

I think that modificated "Roithner EU - 38" should be nice for You... ;)
This driver has a maximal current about 1,2 A so it will be fine/...I gues.

Sorry for My weak english... ;)

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Re: TTL mod to analog modulation

Beitragvon stoppi » So 23 Mai, 2010 4:58 pm


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Re: TTL mod to analog modulation

Beitragvon tracky » Mo 24 Mai, 2010 7:25 pm

Hi, forget this driver. He is very dangerous because you have full 230V on the PCB. This typ of driver is one of the cheapest that I know. Sorry also the DPSS is only a "bigger" laser pointer! Not temperature regulated, cheapest laser diodes and very small Casix crystal for a maximum of 100mW when you try a 1W laser diode. In this case your laser diode have a maximum of 500mW and runs on current maximum. Normaly this laser have a very small live time! That's the reason for higher price and better quality of some other manufacturer . . .
Gruß Sven

Laser? Was ist das? Licht aus super erschwinglichen Restbeständen
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Re: TTL mod to analog modulation

Beitragvon LEE PEI SAN » Di 17 Apr, 2012 3:24 am

sorry.. im confusing with the zener diode in this circuit now.. so may i know the type of Zener diode (ZD3) using in this circuit ? thank you
im a kinda urgent with this.. thank you :)
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Re: TTL mod to analog modulation

Beitragvon goamarty » Di 17 Apr, 2012 8:08 am

I dont see the sense of this ZD3 at all, as the voltage is already regulated bevor this transistor. I would not build this driver, as it looks a little clumsy. :-)
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